“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.”
— J.M. Barrie

Years ago, one time while I was still in Cebu, I was on my way home riding a cab. Suddenly, the cab driver, who seemed to look like he was on his late 50s, asked me who my parents were. He looked friendly anyway so I cared for a lil conversation with him. After I told him who my father was, I swear I could have cried inside me when he said, “I knew your Papa back in our younger days. He worked so hard and always cared for his family, your family. Often he skippped our invitation to go out drinking and he doesn’t smoke. He helped a lot in ways that he can. You’re Papa is a really good man. I hope you find someone to marry just like him.”

You see, my Papa went into all sorts of jobs. He drove trucks and jeepneys and only graduated from a vocational course. He didn’t finish a bachelor’s degree but he’s the smartest Dad I’m so proud of.

I already forgot the cab driver’s name unfortunately but I can never forget that memorable story he shared to me.  It makes me feel extra special I’m my Dad’s daughter.

I love you Pa, Happy Father’s Day! See you soon when I get home again!!!

And to all Dads out there, my hats off! =)

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