“When I am with you, the only place I want to be is closer.”
~Author Unknown

We couldn’t have asked any lovelier weather that day. I, for one, fell in love with the summer days in California, particularly San Jose, as it felt really different from where I came from. Maybe it’s just me but California sun seemed to shine in a more tranquil way. Except that the beach wasn’t near us but still the goodness and smell of everything around made me feel at home while the long stretch of highways & panoramic view of the mountains & hills absolutely took my breath away. Well, I hope you didn’t miss their engagement sessions here and here before you go any further reading this post so you know exactly what I meant.
Oh, yes! It was just a perfect day to get married amidst the fact that everyone got all busy preparing the night before with Jehanne (the bride) doing great with her DIY lil candy bar and give-aways. And then the next morning, Jeff(the groom) was still rushing back and forth all over town to settle last minute stuff. And where was I? I played partly all sorts as a bridesmaid/maid of honor/wedding planner/stylist! Hahaha You see, I happened to be the closest friend who could be there for Jehanne at that time. Her family & friends from the Philippines couldn’t travel to the U.S. yet. It was a bit of a whirlwind but it was so much fun helping out with the little things including running out of idea what bouquet to prepare for Jehanne – thanks to Jeff’s kind relatives, we picked some lovely flowers from their own backyard and we also found some wild ones too just by the streets because purple looked nice. 😛

The memories that day are the happy kind that you don’t want to fade away and with so much help from Jeff’s friends and family, we pulled off a great team of our own to have an oh-happy-wedding-day! 🙂Although there was another moment of short panic too since Jehanne’s make up artist cancelled their appointment on a last minute, she managed to grace through that morning and did her own hairstyle and make up. After all, I told Jehanne, she did great during her engagement sessions already and so why not do it on her own again on her wedding. *wink*Together with their closest family and friends, Jeff & Jehanne took their vows in a simple, yet so meaningful civil wedding at Alum Rock Avenue. It was filled with emotions even before it started.

I swear I tried so hard not to cry when Jehanne walked down towards Jeff. I can’t imagine how she must have felt other than being extremely happy to be finally there and getting soooo married. 🙂
Live, laugh, love!

We feasted by the scenic Lake Almaden Park like there wasn’t any tomorrow — starting with Filipino’s favorite lechon! (roasted pig) 🙂 It felt like there’s was just a picnic going on – except it was bigger and lot more fun. 🙂

Caught Jehanne talking to her mom — she couldn’t help but missed her on her special day. But not to worry because there will surely be a church wedding in the Philippines in the not-so-distant-future. That we all can’t wait to happen too! 🙂
Right after dinner, everyone was ready for some jump-shot-fun! Hehe

I darn wished I was part of this jumpin’ craze! LOL 😛

Everyone’s been too cheerful and so kind the whole time I was there. Now, I’m really starting to miss everyone in San Jose. 😛

Before we knew it, that wonderful day has to end but it’s nice to know there’s a lifetime to be shared together now for Jeff & Jehanne.

May you fill your days with unending love for each other. Congratulations again Jeff & Jehanne!
Thank you for trusting me to capture your wedding even if I was just alone and that wonderful chance you’ve given me to be not just part of one of the biggest day of your lives but most of all be part of a wondrous family in California I’ll always miss! ♥♥♥
Happy Tuesday!
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Jenny Salvador
September 7, 2011
Beautiful shots Jho, love the set! Congratulations to the couple.
September 7, 2011
@Jenny: Thank you Jen! California makes me miss you too! :)
[...] you remember my first destination wedding happened way back 2011 when I had the chance to capture Jeff and Jehanne’s intimate wedding in San Jose, California. So much happy memories there! And without really expecting for another [...]