“Almost there baby, hang on a little longer, we can do this. I know I’ve not been really fair to you. You’ve been there for me many times when I needed you and look what have I done? Left you on your own there for 5 horrible months? It must have been hard and lonely, was it really? But now that I’m back, I promise to take care of you again and I mean it. So will you please, don’t give up on me now and forgive me?

I must have panted for about 6km, semi-flat-tired, pedaling my way to reach our destination — the nearest bike shop. Yes, I was talking (in my thoughts) to my good old pink bike who was now all rusty but still in good shape to hit the streets. I felt so guilty now leaving it back at our old apartment when we moved to a another place 5 months ago. Life happened, traveled a few and months passed by that I kept saying ‘I’ll go and get the bike this week’ but I never did.

And since I needed it for a photo-shoot tomorrow, I decided that today is finally that day. Luckily, my bike was still there that looked untouched for ages. I patiently waited for an hour after knocking so many times at the door and hitting the doorbell (which didn’t seem to really work) at the old apartment. Finally someone answered and I explained my intent to get back my old bike. To prove that it’s mine, I, of course , had the key lock but I still left my name &  phone number anyway just in case. And then it started to drizzle. ‘Oh please, don’t rain yet.’ I hurried to reach the nearest repair shop I saw. And you know what happened? ‘I’m so sorry maam, today our  repair man is on vacation for 2 weeks and no one can help you with your bike.” Oh.come.on.Why now? I gave the lady the saddest look on my face. She helped me inflate the tires a little, hopefully enough so I can reach to the next repair shop.

To make my lil drama story short, I never felt simply just happy pedaling with my bike again, looking like a fool, wearing ear-to-ear-grin and even laughed myself out (when no one’s looking) and I  needed to write this post quickly coz I didn’t want to forget the day I got it back.

Me and my pink bike. We’re bestfriends. And I’m reminded how it feels again to treasure and enjoy just the little things in life.
This old photo (some of you must have seen this in my Flickr before) proves it, taken in March 2010. And yes, my photography logo, drawn by the husband, was created because of this bike.

Happy Thursday!

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September 8, 2011
awww... i totally feel you... kinda reminds me that i told myself that i'll buy new strings for my guitar but i never did (guilty.. hehe.. maybe one of these days i probably would)... they're inanimate things, i know, but they are a part of who we are. so congrats for being re-united w/ your old bike! =)
    September 11, 2011
    Ahaha glad to know i'm not alone and perfectly normal LOL thanks for being here Sha! :) go get new strings for your guitar already! do it! now! :P
September 10, 2011
Hahaha :D I was smiling whilest reading this Tweeen. I'm really glad to hear you did what you had to do & now you are reunited with the Good 'Ol Pink Bike. Hurray!!!
    September 11, 2011
    Yey yey yey!