I wondered where did Monday go. I was supposed to start the week with a good run but I ended up rolling up in bed longer than I should (that’s really happening quite a lot these days!). Then Tuesday came, I slept the afternoon away after doing some laundry. Later after that, I decided to bike around the block for some fresh air (boy, i’m thankful to have my bike again! remember that heroic act I did saving my bike last week? hehe). And in between those, I did my edits and roved around the internet. Some people think I’m too lucky to be on this kind of life now. Yes, that can be true but then again, it’s not always easy as you may think it is I tell you. On really good days, I am blessed to be out shooting or traveling but when I’m not out there, I can get lost too with time, like today on a rainy Wednesday, staring at my dream board, planning endlessly, jotting down thoughts here and there, my legs either straightened up on another chair or curled up lazily and when I need a little distraction, I pick an old movie or a jdorama.

Note to self: “Take things one day at a time.”

Last weekend’s shoot was incredibly fun I couldn’t wait to have a preview post for you but before that, what a surprise it was to receive an adorable Thank You card from a really wonderful couple right after we did our shoot. Thank you, Ting & Sam for your kindness. I feel I’m blessed more to have met you both. And if I may share what they wrote below because it truly, never fails, to warm my heart….Hello Brian and Josephine, 
 I had an awesome time at the photoshoot today and I really thank you both for everything, especially the chance to be able to look pretty and show the world how much in love Samuel and I are 😛 Continue to take gorgeous pictures and I’m sure you will bless many many couples in future! – Love, Ting

Hi Josephine,
 Thank you for making our (pre)wedding photoshoot possible. I hope you enjoyed your experience taking a crazy couple doing fun shoots together to celebrate our matrimony. Continue to remain fun and bubbly. The Lord Bless and keep you, and make His face shine upon you! – Love, Samuel
On a random note, don’t yah love doodles on pretty bedsheets? I wonder if it was a good idea buying it because it might be harder to pull myself out of my favorite bed now! Hehe 😛

If you’re instragrammin’, feel free to look up my username: josephinesicad & follow me!
I’d love to see you around there too. 😛

Happy Wednesday!!!

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September 14, 2011
I so love your photos and that cute little camera is soo cool :) keep on spreading the good vibes.
    September 14, 2011
    @Liz: appreciate it Liz! thankies much! :P