Have you ever ached for something you wish you can have or do?  And hearing those voices hammering inside your head you’re battling should you listen or not? Or how about those times when you see ‘things’ that never fail to weaken your knees and your heart melting you know for certain you are really falling in love?

Dear friends, my answer to those are all YESes. That’s how I found my passion for Photography. 🙂 And it all struck me all over again the day the world lost Steve Jobs. Because it was also the day that I learned a great lesson from an amazing visionary. From his Stanford Commencement Speech in 2005, there was that last familiar phrase that felt like a slap on my face and kept echoing in my head all day.There’s no reason not to follow your heart.”

And if that doesn’t hit you, I don’t know what else could. So, other than my love for photography and when I’m not occupied with editing, here I am embarking myself in the bandwagon of handicraft artists and attempt to learn more DIYs, sewing, quilting maybe(?), and the whatnot. Oh, no I didn’t think of inventing the next iPhone or Android in the market at all. Haha I’ve always just been in love with DIY-ing. Doing it yourself. And ever since I created my own wedding bouquet, I was mighty proud and silly happy. 😛 It’s utterly exhilarating. And I miss that feeling.

And so today, I went out in panic to a fabric haven…then just like that, felt all my bubble burst. I almost died realizing how expensive this new crazy hobby is going to be. 🙁 It took me hours contemplating before I went over the counter to pay. Haha. But then I  reminded myself, ‘There’s no reason not to follow your heart.’ Hehe So, in the meantime, I’m just starting small and will find more ways to rummage cheaper fabric sources elsewhere. 🙂

Pretty happy things are now scattered in our bed, you wonder what are all these for?
Some of you can already guess but I’ll post next time once I’m done with my little happy project. *wink wink*

And oh yes baby, that’s a fabric love right there with passport stamp prints. So perfect! I almost cried finding it. 😛

Happy Wednesday!!!

p.s. Have you left some love on my entry post for Loblography Singapore Challenge? Deadline extended until Oct 16th! 😛 Thank you all for those who did and gave their support. I’m utterly grateful. 🙂

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October 13, 2011
looking forward to seeing that im-sure-it's-cute project of yours, jhoe! =)you reminded me of a cute sewing machine i've been asking from Jeff for a long time. =) now, i'll bother him about that(again!).. hehehe.
October 19, 2011
@Sandy: bweheheh go go go bother Tween!!!