It was quite a sunny Sunday when Kathrine was too kind to pick me up from a family friend’s house where I stayed in L.A, California just last July.  We headed to Balboa Park first to shoot a lit bit of outdoor and ended the shoot straight at their lovely home afterward.

Kath wrote after she received the final photos: “Hi, The photos are really good! We are so happy with the results. Let me know when you’re in town again. We’ll definitely want to book you again. Thanks.”

I must confess it’s always challenging to photograph babies or kids but truly rewarding in the end. Meeting the Delmendos and documenting a part of their lives definitely added such fun memories during my trip to California. Thank you again Kath & Phillip! And really thank you,too for sending me off to the airport on my way back to San Francisco that same day! =)

And oh, before meeting Kath, her sister, Kristine, who happens to be a follower on my blog and living in Singapore now gave the recommendation to have me photograph Kath’s family as soon as she knew I was visiting California last July. 🙂 So this is a quick ‘Thank you!’shout out,too to Kristine! *wink*
Meet Baby Gabriella Sophia Delmendo. 🙂 Daddy’s little girls. Meet Phillip with baby Gab & Alex. Of course, Mommy Kath wants a photo with her little girls too. 🙂I find it really so cute when Alex acts as little big sister to baby Gab. 🙂 Little tea-party-time!!!Such an adorable pink princess, isn’t she? 🙂 I bet baby Gab wanted to join the little tea party, too but since she still can’t hold those teeny cute cups & can’t sit on her own yet, here she is just staring adorably at the camera. 🙂 Happy Tuesday!!!

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October 18, 2011
Tweeen, I noticed the Protected Post earlier when I visited your Blog. Yah, know I keep waiting for posts from you to keep me inspired. Times have changed and you are my Idol now :D Hehehehe... As always, the photographs are Lovely :D The kids are really cute and yeah, they are a little hard to shoot :)
October 19, 2011
@Jeff Garban: wehehehe always always salamats Tween! you are a mutual inspiration like i always say too Tween! xxx
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