So when are you having your first baby, Jhoe?

I’ve been getting that question quite a lot these days. And so here’s my answer.

If there’s anything else I’ve been looking forward to, other than traveling the world, at this point in my life now, I admit, is not getting that new lens or those new boots I’ve drooled on — it would be to have our first baby boy/girl soon. I can’t tell you when though because God knows when. 🙂 You didn’t expect I’d actually say that huh? Although, I don’t think I can be really ready for what lies ahead in parenting. But who is? Me? Changing the diapers? Me? panicking when the baby cries? Uhmmm. If my eldest sister and younger brothers (and some closest friends) will read this post now, they’ll probabably be mocking me endlessly knowing how childish I could be at such motherhood things. And in fact, I can already imagine the husband’s headaches. Haha 😛 I know it’s an inexplicable feeling being a parent but one thing I am just beyond excited about for now is how I’d be taking, not just hundreds or thousands of photos, but countless moments of our future baby one day, I bet my shutter-count would probably run out. =)

And so everytime I photograph a baby or a family, that longing starts to deepen more in me. 🙂 But I know my time will come, so while that’s not happening yet, I’d be as much as happy to be capturing someone else’s OR go ahead and buy that new lens and/or booties. LOL

Meet The Ong family.  

I’ve peeked into a day of their life and it’s been nothing but fun and pure joy capturing unguarded moments as much as I could. I’m glad and thankful to have met Daddy Dave, Mommy Sherill (who found out about me through Spencer & Rachel) and the smart lil just turned 2 year old Drea who can amazingly start counting, doodling and reciting so well some of her ABCs. 🙂

Happy Thursday! 🙂

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November 18, 2011
I LOVE ME some Happy Pictures today :D Wonderful, wonderful & another round of wonderful Tweeen!
November 18, 2011
ikaw na ang susunod! can't wait to see little brian and little josephine.:) ano nga kaya itsura mo? baka mas baby ka pa sa baby mo. hehehe. :))
November 18, 2011
Very sweet little series, Josephine !
November 28, 2011
waaah! super love this post.. =) the pictures as always are awesomeness *i'm actually suya wish I could have a family portrait esp for Gabriel* hehe! but I'm also happy to hear you're planning your own baby already!! weeee!! can't wait..hahaha! But you're right, in God's own time ;) and you don't have to be prepared..haller? You know I wasn't! But it will just come naturally. =) Love you, Josephine! namiss tuloy kita..hahaha!