‘Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.’
~Author Unknown

It rained so heavily yesterday here in Singapore. All day. And I think it’ll be another gloomy day again today. I could complain about how inconvenient it would be to go out of the house or ruin a sunshine shoot for the day but I chose not to. There was also a train delay the day before that and I ended up hailing a taxi, which by the way has lately increased their fares. Plus it was a long queue I had to hold on to my patience. I could rant so much about all these things but I decided not to. And when I start reflecting back of other things I could complain about in my own life in the past, I realized more today I must have grown up a little bit. Maybe so. Because I’ve learned how to make ‘better’ choices within my thoughts – though it’s really really really not easy – it’s a battle within my brain – which ones to keep and which ones to throw away. 

Because indeed, ‘Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.’ Thanks to a friend who posted that on her FB status wall that I had to repost it here. And it makes me really feel guilty to complain of such petty things compared to what’s happening to the rest of the world. I just found out sadly that a friend told me she’s suffering from a health condition that may require major operation if needed be. I’m praying for her fast recovery and for those who are suffering other conditions too to have more courage and hope.

And so you know, this is what makes me go through life and I thought it might do the same thing for you — every time I feel bad, feel awry or so hurt with something or by someone, I think of all these and always try harder to find the good in the bad. Yes, I cry it out still. Like a LOT. But after that moment of distress, I had to tell myself to endure and believe there’s always, and I mean always, a better reason or reasons why things happen the way they do. And because that’s how Life is. So I remain grateful and appreciative, moment by moment.

Recently, there’s been a tropical storm that hit southern part of the Philippines and sadly, lots of lives has been lost and still missing. So I’m putting this post as a shout out too, for anyone willing to share and shed whatever amount to to continue providing relief and recovery efforts to victims especially from parts of Cagayan & Iligan, visit the Philippine Red Cross link here.

God Bless your hearts!

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