I’ll be a little off the radar from this moment till Christmas Day while we prepare a little celebration amongst ourselves in the house with my friends. Being away from real home (Cebu) pains all the time but it helps to know we’ve managed to create a stronger bond beyond the distance and everyone in the family has been healthy and happy.

And since you’re reading this now, I pray that however you celebrate Christmas, that you celebrate it to the hilt, with all your heart and know that the best gifts come wrapped up, not just with the cutest ribbon or whatnot, but with utter love that can simply come from your tightest hugs and sweetest kisses to your loved ones or staying out the grumpy zone and give out a genuine smile to that stranger you squeezed yourself with on the train. It’s holding on dearly to what really matters in your Life right now and it’s that best feeling in this world no one can ever take away — but if you find that Life deprived you with any of that feeling, fret not and BELIEVE, always, that Christmas isn’t supposed to be just happening in one big eventful day. The true spirit of Christmas must, and really must, live on within us.

Before I start cooking something for Christmas eve, I found these lil cuty clips just earlier today, so I thought quickly and pasted them onto our bedroom wall, took a snap — and voila! here’s my lame diy greeting for ya’ll! *wink*


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