One time, I cried. No, that’s a lie. It must have been three times.

The first time I cried was because I couldn’t understand what was happening inside my body. What with all the hormonal changes that came along with pregnancy — and it’s my first time. And I’m all clueless. Oh you bet I’ve been reading all the pregnancy 101s out there but one night I just had to — yes! cried! and bellowed under the pillow. “No, babylove, Mama’s not sad.”, I made sure and whispered that to my baby inside me. Crying apparently was something I just had to do for whatever reason. Moodswing? It could be.

The second time was the day I thought would never happened — that dreaded morning sickness. They say every pregnancy is different and not all go through that but apparently, I wasn’t one of the really lucky ones. Am I?

The third time? — was when I couldn’t figure out what to eat next, when everything I seem to try to put inside my mouth were all tasteless or would just make me puke the next minute I take a bite. Talk about hating milk,too? Pfffft.

Amidst all these, my energy’s been all depleted just like that. Many days I’m just nursing myself in bed. Never felt too tired. Even more tiring than running a full marathon. Seriously. And I tried to fight it. Really. Because I’m all like the ‘I-just-don’t-give-up-type-of-person’. But this kind of fight made me realize I can’t win it — at least not yet. So yeah, that explains why I haven’t been up with my hyper-self the passed days that turned into weeks and clearly, it’s been over a month now. I needed to just slow it down. And be okay with it. And look forward more for what better days to come that will be worth all these pain.

Six more months to go and I know time will be fleeting — so while I’m at it, might as well enjoy the rest of it! Yes? After all, being pregnant is such a magical gift — and that feeling is sure is inexplicable!

p.s. I hope to be graduating the first trimester soon and that might mean, I’ll be back on track on updating my lil happy corner here soon. Please bear with me a little while longer okay? xo =)

p.s.# 2 Thanks for my faery best buddy, Govinda for handing over her old helpful book below.


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February 15, 2012
i can't relate...but yeah just enjoy everything and for sure the price is all worth it. :D btw, i'm from cebu