April’s here!!! and I got a happy news to break!!! wait, that’s actually an understatement…this is wayyyyy MORE THAN a happy news really…overwhelming? totally!!! at least for me …because in exactly 27 days from now, I’m going to meet up, standing infront, or maybe beside, talking face to face, some hugging maybe too (praying I don’t jerk up shamelessly with tears in public) with my SUPER HERO …in the world of Photography. Need I explain what a SUPER HERO is like? The kind that stirs up inspiration in every way. The kind that makes you want to live up to your dreams,too because your super hero did. If you’ve been following my posts for sometime now, you’d remember who my super hero is. (i wrote an old post in 2010 here)

YES — who else could it be but Jasmine Star. She’s coming to Penang, Malaysia to speak at the World Photo Fest 2013…all the way from California…and since I live now in Singapore…it’s just about an hour plane ride away and so lucky I don’t have any personal schedule conflicting coz surely I’d be damned if I let this unexpected opportunity puff away like smoke. Imagine how freakin’ surprise and in panic I was that I couldn’t sleep straight minutes after I saw J* announced it on her blog. Seriously. If you’re as clearly , HUGEEE-I-can-stalk-her-blog-almost-every-day-kind-of-FAN, as I am, and learned HEAPS from her creativeLive online courses,  it’s not too late yet to register here.

Also, I’m beyond excited making this momentous trip to Penang really happen together with fellow friend inspiring photographers, Jeffroger from Rock Paper Scissors and Jeff from Green and Purple PhotosYou bet we’ll be acting crazy there..but to also act professionally sane is something we shall try. Right guys? 😛

Can you tell I almost didn’t breathe typing all this????? Hah! Am I glad this is just a post online. Not me actually talking. Coz really, I’d either be stuttering or screaming out of excitement. Too delirious. Dreams come true. Period. Thank you Universe! 🙂

Happy happy week ahead!!! 🙂

p.s. I’m soooo getting my ‘EXPOSED‘ magazine personally signed by J*…and hug her like 30minutes if she doesn’t mind. I.AM.NOT.KIDDING. Haha!

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April 1, 2013
Tweeeen, I'm overmthe roof excited to be going with you guys :) We got plane ticktes but via Hong Kong. Shopping time! Weeeeeeeem:)