‘Somebody please pinch me…pinch me hard!’, I thought to myself over and again. Talk about being still so starstruck that I finally got to meet my superhero — THE Jasmine Star.

It all happened last April 28, 2013. I attended the World Photo Fest 2013 in Penang, Malaysia, held at the Hard Rock Hotel. My first ever in my less than 3 years in the business of photography. I realized now I should have attended more like this before but truthfully, I couldn’t afford any at those times or time didn’t allow at all. So when the news of Jasmine Star, international wedding photographer coming all the long way from California to ASIA came, the Universe must have prepared me for that day to come because luckily, everything fell into place.

When we were on our way to the airport, I got panic realizing I left my EXPOSED magazine. I know it’s just a ‘magazine’ and no big deal but that is NOT the case for me. If I couldn’t get Jasmine to sign it, it’s going to put an empty space in my heart. Haha. I know I’m so shallow. 😛 Luckily, my stars are all aligned that day — I ran back home (with my brother’s help) and got the magazine on my hands without getting late to the airport.

We arrived in Penang coming from Singapore the day before attending Jasmine Star’s talk. My friend photographers, Jeff from Green&Purple Photos and Jeffroger from Rock Paper and Scissors, also were as beyond excited as I am to meet J*, arrived few hours earlier coming from the Philippines. It was a day bound to be filled with surprises — and indeed, while roaming around the hotel, we saw Jasmine and JD taking an afternoon break. You have no idea how I started having sweaty hands and my heart beating like a jungle drum. I couldn’t muster up the courage to approach Jasmine. I should just approach her right? That was like a one in a million chance. Jeff, Jeffroger and I were like peeking secretly from a distance and whispering amongst ourselves the right game plan what to do next. You can just imagine how silly we were — we didn’t want to scare Jasmine and JD away for acting like secret stalkers. (of which we are proven guilty!) HAHA. Before I knew it, Jeff decided to approach near Jasmine when she stood up while Jeffroger and I were left behind still dumbfounded. But in a matter of seconds, amidst trembling knees (thanks for the push Jeff!), I walked towards Jasmine,too and just screamed. Totally not part of my plan. But believe it or not, I screamed  out ‘JASMINEEEEEEEEEE!’. Like how you call out a long time friend after not meeting them for ages. Haha. It felt like that with Jasmine anyway, on my part. That’s what following her blog since around 2010 does to you — so yeah, we’re like friends now! 🙂

And that’s why and how we got this instagram snapshot after a quick chitchat by the beach with Jasmine still on her jogging pants. I had to tell Jasmine we were being such on BIG FAN MODE, so I hope we really didn’t scare her. 😛

Priceless grins. I’m so glad I attended this conference together with these crazy two. 😛
And this dream-come-true-moments would have never been possible without my husband Brian’s support so yes, I’m THAT ever spoiled grateful wife. Though he was probably hesitant at first because traveling now with a new baby in tow is different. It would mean I’ll need to bring our 8month old baby Pixie along since she’s still directly breastfeeding to me. Happily it turned out not that hard as I imagined because I could find in between breaks during the conference to go out and b-feed Pixie. Thank you dear husband for taking care of Pixie while I was so much engrossed at being starstruck. 😛 Thank you baby Pixie for being adorably behaved as always and not giving Papa any hard time at all. More personal travel photos of us will be posted on my personal blog. 🙂 

And so the day of the conference came and as I entered the door, I couldn’t help but feel everything in ‘slowwwwwwwwww’ motion but yet the moments fleeting too every second. You know what I mean? I didn’t really want that day to end. Jasmine talking infront of us all and 3 of us happened to be sitting beside JD and Jasmine, too. What did we ever do to deserve all this fame? Ahahaha 😛 Excuse me for exaggerating but my feelings are going overboard and I’m trying to contain it all. I was already delirious talking to her like old friends we are about how loooong her flight was from California to Penang and all that.

In the morning, Jasmine talked about so much insightful things from BRANDING, attracting the right clients, to taking in charge of one’s direction and more! Because after all, we make each our own path. AMEN? 🙂 By lunch break, believe it or NOT again, Jasmine and JD so happened to eat just a table across us. Seriously? UNIVERSE, you are too kind! 🙂 Right after her keynote presentation, we went out under the sun for a shooting 101 session where Jasmine showed us few key points on how she basically shoots during a wedding.

Can you spot me on the photo below? Temporary fame. Haha photo grabbed from Jasmine’s website.

Some behind-the-scenes from the outdoor session…who in the world would have thought I’d be THIS close (right under her nostrils! haha).This part here I can relate. Jasmine showing how to pose with her husband, JD. Back when Brian also shoots beside me, I’d use him around as a handy prop. 🙂
And here are just few photos I was able to snap amidst the limited angle in the crowd. 😛
Model couple: Choon Haw & Beatrice Lee

Jasmine encouraged us to talk to the models…while there were 50 other photographers in the crowd, I was bit shy and said, ‘Look away to the beach!’
..good thing the couple heard me. LOL …and that’s the story behind the photo below. Hah!
…then told the bride-model to close her eyes. 🙂Endless Thank You Jasmine! All that goodness and KEEP-IT-REAL in YOU make you totally stand-out and incredibly INSPIRING. And even standing next to you was just electrifying enough…moves us all to follow our dreams,too , stay determined and BELIEVE in ourselves MORE. There’s no more doubt in my mind now that I shall see you again (promise I won’t scream anymore!).

Thanks to JD for taking the above crazy photo of us. 😛
Thanks to Jeff for taking the below photo of fanatic me with J*.

Cheers to making more dreams come true!



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May 9, 2013
Tweeeen, I love your perspective about the story too!!! Like you, I wish I should have attended more of these sessions noh? We shall soon and with Sandy na jud... And something's telling me this is not the last time we bump into Jasmine. California, here we come :) Thanks for bringing me along Tweeen!!! Hey, I also appreciate the inspiration you bring to us, your fellow photographers!!!
May 13, 2013
so thrilled while i was reading this blog! got electrified and laughed a lot as u screamed! :) wehihihi so happy for u jo! a dream come true!!!!