Hello..can you believe it’s almost June!!!? 🙂

I spent the weekend with shooting a lovely family last Saturday and visited my bestfriend who just came back to Singapore with their ever cute lil boy (scheduling a portrait session with him soon!) while Sunday was spent on our usual grocery time, laundry and lazyin’ on the bed with our precious Pixie. Something else happened too. I did bake my very first cake – chocolate cake — but NO! to ask me to post a photo of it will be crime – the world need not see how un-cake it looks like but luckily it tasted worth to accompany my afternoon peppermint tea. Thank God for ready mix, hah! Thank you Betty Crocker! but hey, I took a great effort (literally sweat!) in mixing the eggs, butter and water! I even experimented on my very own ganache! when i say the word ‘ganache‘, i feel like a trying-hard pastry chef already! so i think I deserve a little credit. Husband , though wouldn’t admit, enjoyed it so that’s enough for me.

Moving on.

When I attended Jasmine Star’s VIP Session at the World Photo Conference last month, she encouraged us to choose 3 words that best described or how we envisioned our style of shooting. Her own 3 words were: fun, fresh and editorial. As soon as you visit her website, you know exactly what she’s talking about.

So I had scrambled a few words on my head and decided what my 3 words were.

spirited, inspiring and poetic. 

Those 3 words I shall thrive for and aspire to learn every chance I get. or die trying.

I will officially mark my 3rd year in photography this coming November and for that I am eternally grateful that I am able to continue doing what I love doing – documenting life and love stories. And more than anything, like motherhood, the journey has been really worthwhile.

Happy Monday!!!

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May 21, 2013
hahaha! enjoyed reading about the cake... kudos for your successful choc cake :) and thanks for sharing the 3-words insight. I guess i can apply it too to describe my scrapping style.. let me think...