Remember Nick and Kirstie? I photographed their wedding last June in Bali and it was also featured on a Singapore Bridal magazine via Female Brides. I actually can’t believe I almost forgot to post their post-wedding set. Right before flying back to Singapore, we managed to squeeze in few hours and headed to Uluwatu Temple early in the morning. Despite dark clouds lurking ahead of us, that didn’t stop us from trying our luck and made it to the location just in time.

The temple however is inhabited with really lots of monkeys around so we had to keep a very close grip to our belongings. But to our much surprise, Kirstie’s beautiful and delicate wedding gown was mugged by one monkey. It happened too fast but no damage was done. Thank you dear God!!! But the mugging didn’t stop there, just when we thought we were spared, another monkey snatched away her wedding shoes, too! Those monkeys must really be loving her gown and shoes, huh? In the end, someone helped us retrieve the shoes back. What a relief! After a lil screaming and few deep breaths, we moved on to our shoot — we sure braved it until we were done! 😛

The monkey incident alone was quite unforgettable, but it was really worth the trip all the way there as we immersed ourselves with the cliff-top magical scenic view of the Indian Ocean. 🙂


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November 1, 2013
Tweeen, I don't like monkeys but I doooooo like these pictures :) Can I kuyog next time please :) Super lovely pictures Tweeen. I wanna go to Bali too!!!