I’ve been feeling so immobile lately – not posting so much of my client work yet.

As I go about doing the everyday things, here in Singapore, my heart’s been aching at every sight of photos I come across the news online of every devastated homes and lost lives, of even really little children since the tragic super typhoon Yolanda hit my dearest country Philippines, especially the closest neighboring towns of Cebu where I grew up. I couldn’t hep but suddenly cry while my little Pixie woke up this morning and I look at her intently, telling her how much I love her and then she mumbles her own baby talk and smiles. I’m torn apart thinking how parents out there now not having any proper shelter and food to eat with their children. These are those times when I wish I had real super powers like Superman does in the movies. But really, I can only help as much as I could within my reach, too.

I like to take this moment to fervently pray that everyone greatly affected will stay strong and keep an even stronger faith that these, again, too, will pass soon.

Let’s do our own share to reach out and help,too in anyway we can.

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.”
― Helen Keller


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November 12, 2013
Tweeen, it's terribly sad. We're trying to help out anyway we can here. I wish you were here so we can shoot esessions or portraits and proceeds go to those affected.