“Social Media seems to be built around the idea that it can infiltrate nearly every part of our lives. And if we let it, that’s exactly what will happen. We are the ones who say when its reach becomes unhealthy.”
Read more at http://www.relevantmagazine.com/culture/tech/5-questions-ask-posting-social-media#RiO3LWrdXamGpZb5.99

I thought I’d share that article coz lately, I’ve been actually unplugging myself online for a limited time in a day especially from Facebook. I’ve been feeling a bit toxic from seeing (reading) unhealthy news feeds. I admit I’m guilty at an old habit of grabbing the phone first thing in the morning and checking emails and oh yes, scrolling endlessly at Facebook. Since starting my 2014, I’ve decided to put an end to what I call a ‘distracting’ habit and my mornings are now 95% Facebook-free and feeling more fulfilled. Ha-ha! (obviously that 5% goes to urgent personal/business matters)

And having a little toddler growing up and needing more of my attention now, I am trying to really manage time (not too easy as you might think) and priorities at home – amidst joggling chores, breastfeeding for 17 months now (and still going) and photography. That might still be my undying excuse for not reaching my goal to blog all of what was left from last year’s work. But I really am finding ways to catch up before 2014 will start piling up on me, too.

Over the weekend, I had 2 bumpshoots from Saturday and 1 esession from Sunday’s workshop shoot (will put it up on a separate post soon!)…bit exhausted but I’m all grateful!

Here’s a sneak peek. Happy week ahead to ya’ll!



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February 10, 2014
I can't wait to see more of those posts Tweeen :) I've seen how it isn't so easy being you but it is all lovely like nothing else in the world. 2014!
Bevlee Tañedo
February 12, 2014
"We are the ones who say when its reach becomes unhealthy." - Absolutely :) Hugs!