‘It always so wonderful reading ur blog.. all the little wisdom and brightness..thank u dear Jo.’  – a comment left on my old blog years years ago.

So, it used to come out naturally for me — writing. Not that I’m so good at writing at all. But I really really miss being able to just write like before. Words were just easier to come out and I love putting it all down in a small paper, a notebook, back of a receipt sometimes, just so I don’t forget some thoughts. But life happened along the way, and some ‘things’ changed. I stopped. gradually. Priorities. Pregnancy. My baby. Lately, motherhood. But all these are greater things. happier things. I just couldn’t manage time like I used to — when writing was as free as breathing air. When there was not much sleepless nights.no cooking meals in between for a toddler.  Changing diapers. Playtime at parks. So yeah, I had better things that kept me occupied.

And writing to update my blog had to wait. Because everything has been worth the waiting since my world turned deliriously upside down.

Now it looks like I’m ending this post right here…coz I hear my little monster of happiness waking up behind me from her morning nap. Gotta go!

p.s. I’ll be back promise! and maybe i’ll write some more! *wink*

Happy Monday!!!


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June 2, 2014
That tree shot up there, reminds me of you know who... I love trees! Hello Tweeen and Pixie.