i haven’t shed a tear yet.   i almost did. or maybe a little. but i keep fighting away the heartbreaking thoughts that we just lost our house where memories of our childhood all started. where all of my parents’ more than their lifetime’s work have been burned down to ashes.  in just minutes.

the night it happened (last June 10),  i was in Singapore and doing our usual grocery shopping. by the time I went home, i received 2 Facebook messages from my cousin and another neighbor friend.  ‘is this a  joke?’ i thought to myself.  i immediately dialed out our home number, obviously, trembling. our phone rang and rang. no one answered.  so i trembled more. i dialed my brother’s mobile number afterwards— the moment i heard his voice, i felt incredibly relieved. the firefighters were still trying to put the fire out.   i could hear so much noise in the background. then i heard my Mama crying desperately.  despite that, i never have felt so happy and at peace. because my Mama, Papa, and my brother were alive and spared from any injury. all my worries were gone in an instant.

i needed to go home. we booked our tickets right away and arrived in Cebu last June 12th.  it never felt the same now flying back home  but i brought with me an unwavering faith. I’ve never seen and felt God’s love stronger than ever.  We only lost our ‘house’ but not our ‘home’, where our heart is.  We only lost material things that are far very less important than my family’s lives.  

God will never abandon us. Yesterday is gone..we shall move forward with courage and greater faith.

Our never-ending thanks to all those who’ve supported us. All your prayerful thoughts are very much appreciated.

It’s been a week since the fire accident and so far, we’ve transitioned smoothly. We repel any forms of negativity and amidst the devastation, i see only better brighter opportunities ahead of us.

We remain firmly strong as a family.  our Almighty God undoubtedly provides.

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2014-06-20_0012 2014-06-20_0013 2014-06-20_0014 2014-06-20_0015

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June 21, 2014
I feel you Josephine. Same thing happened to us in June of 1997. I thought I was dreaming when I learned about what happened. Be strong, have faith. God sees. God hears Your pictures reminded me so much of the pain.
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