hello. yes. i am still here. breathing and breezing thru despite it all. and oh, i just turned 34 few weeks ago. no fuss celebrations but simply grateful of what life had given me and has yet to offer.

so sorry i have been on a long hiatus as it seems. life happened in between but all for greater reasons. that i strongly believe.

anyway, it sure feels really good to be back in Singapore now … almost 2 months gone and God knows I missed big time the guess what? — faaaaassster internet! haha.

but i’m only staying in Singapore for a few more weeks again, will finish some exciting client shoots all weekends of August. after that, i’ll need to pack our bags again and get back home to Cebu for more family matters to attend to since the fire accident.

i’ll try to keep the ball rolling again around here… more posts to catch up. please bear with me.

Happy LOVE-ly weekend ahead! 🙂




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