Everyday I always attempt to blog or post something — anything. But it rarely happens. Because the moment I sit on my desktop, a little toddler happily climbs on my lap or cries dragging me out of the chair. I can’t possibly refuse someone who looks you in the eye that melts your heart in an instant. True story. So yeah, I have to wait when Pixie takes a nap so I can go back to my desktop undisturbed. But when Pixie does take a nap, I remember I still have piles of laundry to wash. Or prepare lunch or dinner. Or vacuum for the hundreth time. Or I steal a little nap myself (this rarely happens too!). Welcome to my world. 🙂

Anyway, today Pixie decided not to take a nap the whole day at all. IMAGINE THAT. Haha. But she finally went to sleep straight to bedtime super early so I’m here now catching up when I could. This set of photos were taken quite long ago last December 2013 — such a shame for me to take it this long to post it really. Forgive me again, Internet. But as soon as you see how squishably adorable baby Yana is, I know you’ll cut me some slack (please?)


Meet the Castalone Family. I knew Mommy Tweety through her dear sister, Kathrine when I photographed her own family,too back in 2011 in California. It was actually Mommy Tweety who introduced Kathrine to my work. By the time, Mommy Tweety wanted their own family portraits too, she emailed me for a schedule in December 2013. I was thrilled to meet their own adorable family finally here in Singapore. Baby Yana was still around 4.5 months old when we took these photos. She’s obviously grown up now (and walking!!!) and even a lot adorable from what I’ve seen in Mommy Tweety’s facebook posts. Looks like Baby Yana is ready to have playdates with my Pixie, what do you think? Let’s hope to meet up again around the neighborhood soon guys. 🙂


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September 9, 2014
this is super adorable tweeen. you always seem to make the simplest of things beautiful. ka hugyaw!!!
Cristina Cantuba Laroco
September 11, 2014
Oh my, so so beautiful, so gorgeous, how I wish I could pinch a bit, she is really a joy! thank you for sharing Lyn Calapatia Castalone. Enjoy every minute of her!