“I will spend eternity knowing my children as adults. But tonight, right here, right now,
and for the next precious years, I have the rare privilege of knowing them as a child.
What a gift to experience the children in our lives as children!
For a brief moment during the journey of mortality, we get to watch them laugh, learn, experience, grow.” 

~Author Unknown

2014-09-11_0002we went out for a little adventure today just few minutes walk from home and Pixie bringing her little treasure suitcase where we can put whatever she finds interesting.
2014-09-11_00012014-09-11_0003 I’m reminded of this quote:

“Don’t let life slip through your fingers by living in the past or for the future. By living your life one day at a time, you live all the days of your life.” 
2014-09-11_0004‘Ants ants ants!’ , Pixie screams while she finds all things amazing.

2014-09-11_0005‘Hello, Mr Snail! and Mr Lizard!’ (I was scared of the lizard but pretended I was not hahah)
2014-09-11_00202014-09-11_00212014-09-11_00222014-09-11_0023Off chasing bubbles…and then blowing some….
2014-09-11_0007Oh her laugh!
2014-09-11_0009‘Again again again!’, Pixie insisted blowing bubbles herself.

these made my heart really swell today. oh how my little girl has really grown. *sniff*

Happy Thursday!!! 

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