“Mama, p-pop!” (Pixie’s way of asking for her favorite vitamin-lollipops)
“Mama, hide!!!” (Pixie requesting me to go hide in the closet while she starts counting)
“Mama, catch!!!” (Pixie throwing a little ball at me.)
“Mama, roll!!!” (Pixie wants me to roll in the bed with her)

“Mama, sleep!” (Pixie’s way of telling me to go to bed (but not sleep yet actually) with her.)

Oh it never ends. Haha. That’s been my life lately. So, after few rolling in the bed back and forth and some bit of drama, Pixie took her afternoon nap finally. And that means, I can catch up again with this long overdue blog posts. 😛

Meet the Casapao Family. You’d love them as much as I do. It wasn’t too long last year that I photographed Mommy Lavinia’s bumplove. Around April this year, when their most adorable baby girl Chloe was about to turn 1, we had another wonderful session again and spent such lovely afternoon by the beach. Can’t get over the cuteness of having a little girl! (I speak of course out of my own experience!)

Thank you Mommy Lavin & Daddy Harold again for always having me be part of your little family’s memorable milestones! I look forward for my Pixie and your Chloe’s playdate soon! 🙂


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