To be honest, my mind is wrapped around with too many stuff right now. I am still on the verge of piercing it all together, hopefully my sanity still will be in tact after a bit of whirlwind.
The start of the year has already taught me new hard lessons to learn and (I think) I’ve managed to catch my breath so I can realign what priorities to take. I could have chosen another path and looked at the other direction but I’m glad I’m still here, holding on to what matters most. I chose nothing else but Love.
Moving on, I’m sharing today an esession I did for Mikel and Precious last year in Singapore when they were visiting over while attending a friend’s wedding in May. They happily had the grandest wedding celebration just last December. To put a bit of surprise, I was only allowed to have their photos posted publicly after their wedding day so finally here are some.


Precious actually works as a professional make up artist based in Manila and to capture their esession was truly an honor.  Recently, I just worked along side with her too when she did my bride’s make up for an esession last week. I love how we get to be connected now and how sweet she is by surprising me with a special gift. To Precious and Mikel, Thanks a lot again! You guys are rockin’ amazing! =)


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