How did February roll by too fast? 🙂

I’m safely back in Singapore now since late last Sunday night from our Bangkok 4-day-trip. Took a bit of breather resting at home yesterday and got the much needed cuddles from my Pixie. She’s apparently still having her coughs and colds so also nursing that, too. My cracked phone from dropping it accidentally in Bangkok was also quickly replaced yesterday thru the husband’s help and Singtel’s mobile swop policy where I get to receive a swop unit right away even if I needed to pay a little extra. Better than not getting a phone at all. I should get those extra super sturdy cases recommended by a new friend for someone as clumsy as me who has proven it too many times.

Meantime, while I get back on track, I’m still holding on to that lingering feeling of being wanderlust high…posting some bits and pieces and behind the scenes. I haven’t been to any European countries yet but travelling to these places gave me a taste of it except of course the sweltering weather. You’d be as  deliriously surprised as I was that we found these vintage, rustic and charming spots  (including the lovely vineyard I posted before this), not close somewhere in European countries — but just right around Hua Hin. 🙂

Hope you all enjoy the rest of this week!

p.s. I needed a new profile photo so I found my spot and got my new Thai friend click the shutter for me and take that photo above. 🙂

2015-03-03_0019If only there were clifftop views of the ocean, you’d know straight away we were in Santorini, Greece….but we’re not. This was in Santorini Park…closely pretty as it can. 🙂

2015-02-27_00102015-02-28_00132015-02-28_00062015-02-28_00142015-03-03_0016I soo wished I brought along Pixie here…she’d be as much delighted as I was.
2015-03-03_00152015-03-03_00172015-03-03_00182015-03-03_00032015-03-03_0004I literally ran out of words when I took this frame. Sunrises and sunsets in Hua Hin were nothing short of magical.

Then on our last day of shooting, we ended up into the woods…what perfect way to wrapped it all up.2015-03-03_0022 2015-03-03_0001Meet the happy bunch I travelled and worked with in Hua Hin. This whole trip wouldn’t be as much fun without them. So much grateful for these kind-hearted souls! 🙂

Our new Thai friend Phetch (on my leftside) is one talented hair and make up artist, who also willingly carried me on his back just so I can take the frame I wanted. And on my right is Lulu, one gleeful lady and nurse who I really salute for being the most supportive bridesmaid to Alycia and taking care of us if we needed food or a drink. She rightfully earns it being promoted to Maid-of-Honor now! Right, Lulu? 🙂

And of course, the gorgeous charming couple, Alycia and Desmond, who I owe this great experience for. I’m truly delighted and eternally grateful that you trusted me to be part of your pre-wedding trip. Looking forward now to your wedding this coming May in Singapore! 🙂

2015-02-28_0003some shots taken behind the scenes including that brave balancing act I survived to do! 🙂2015-03-03_0011And sunrises are now best experienced with me on a headstand.

Thanks to Alycia for taking this photo from her phone.
Remember, these are just glimpses…I promise to post more of what made this trip filled with much wonder!

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