It took a while for me to post the continuation of my first post of our Kyoto trip.  Hope I didn’t keep you waiting that long.

I’m trying to piece it all together but words escape me sometimes, or maybe words aren’t even enough. So, here are photos from our Day 2 with Carlo & Astrid, where we were greeted with a flock of birds (or crows?) while we walked our way towards the train station early in the morning. Looking at this morning shot now me ponder again how fleeting these moments were and how sunrises, too are always a great reminder that there’s always brighter things ahead of us.  Don’t you agree? I hope you do.

2015-02-20_00312015-02-20_00372015-02-20_00382015-02-20_00392015-02-20_0042And as we stepped out the train in Arashiyama Station, I couldn’t help but feel that deeper sense of happiness. To be back to a most loved place.
2015-02-20_00432015-02-20_0044I’ve seen the famous Cherry Blossoms in Japan back in 2011 and it was all pretty and amazing but I think the fall foliage in Kyoto is truly even more beautiful. Kyoto’s inimitable charm keeps my heart exhilarating.

And like Carlo & Astrid’s love for each other, you’d love to fall in love in Kyoto again and again. To spend their anniversary travelling together in Japan is just the sweetest and most memorable thing to do.

2015-02-20_0045 2015-02-20_00472015-02-20_0048

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March 26, 2015
my favorite shot is the women and their shadows tweeen. and the tones here kay nindot kaau. bagay kaau sa mga litrato! i think i would love fall too! i think it makes you sad in a nice kind of way. i guess. plus Kyoto pa jud. mao mana nga place always sa Samurai X! and oi, interview nako with Unionbank ugma at 10AM. hehehehehe
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