2015-03-26_0107Well, I’m not quite done sharing you the rest of Carlo & Astrid’s anniversary travel photos yet. Can’t get enough of Japan (and that autumn craze!) at all as you can tell from my unending ravings of anything Japan related! I mentioned it long time ago that I must have been a samurai in my past life. Their way of life is really so admirable and I can only wish I can immersed myself in it’s beauty as many times as possible in this lifetime, too.
2015-03-26_01082015-03-26_0109Travelling together with Carlo & Astrid felt like we were just old friends just hanging out and having the best time of our lives! I had the impression that Carlo was the really silent type but soon found out oh how wrong I was. He’s naturally funny and has that personality that keeps you belly-laughing many times. And I particularly missed the fond memories and stories Astrid and I shared, getting to know each other more and finding much similarities on how we grow up in our youth. Oh dear, do I make it sound like we’re too old? Hehe

That’s why I love travelling as anyone should. It can transform you. It can make you realize how grand our world is and how life is too short. And more than anything, travel lets you find inspiration as you see people and places. The whole experience will truly be something that no one can ever take away from you.
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