2015-03-25_0059A wooden, teal blue, distressed chipped painted door was all it took.

No kidding! It was an instant love at first sight the moment I entered the Pinto Art Museum. I was hyperventilating more when I saw everything else inside. All trigger happy, I didn’t wanna leave that oh so wonderful place! 

And having to document Dax and Nina’s esession there now tugs a certain special place at my heart. 

They are actually both working in the medical profession and ever since hearing from some of the experiences they shared at work, especially from Dax who’s on his feet most days at ERs, made me greatly respect them more for their passion and dedication in being one of our country’s unsung heroes out there. Seriously. I salute these two! To even endure long distances too in between the demands of their work and pursuing further studies is remarkable enough.  

Now, it took about a year long since Dax emailed me and finally, their much anticipated wedding is happening today here in the breezy sunny town of Tagaytay, where I’m currently writing this, and can’t truly describe it more how truly honored I am to be documenting their first official “I dos!”.

Prof. Make Up Artist: Precious Medina
Hair styling by Isabel Escobal



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Alma Pascasio Tabile
April 14, 2015
happy wedding to you both!
Niña Fajardo-Pascasio
April 14, 2015
Photographs connect us. They are vivid proof of where we came from, who we loved, how we grew. And it is in the imperfection of those photographs — in the true, unretouched moments — that we find beauty. Pictures are for memories. Pictures are for holding on as well as we can to the people we love, and loved. And pictures are for beauty — not magazine beauty, but REAL beauty. The beauty experienced in laughter and tears. The beauty found in vulnerability and connection. The beauty you only see when ten, twenty, thirty years have passed, and for the first time you can appreciate how bright your eyes were, how strong your body was, how very much you were loved. On your wedding day, stand with your shoulders back and your arms held slightly away from your sides. Keep your chin up and your neck long. Check your teeth for lipstick and powder your nose. But remember: I’m not photographing you for Vogue or Marie Claire. I’m not making your picture for a CoverGirl campaign or the Miss America Pageant. I’m photographing you for the people who love you: for your husband or your wife, for your family and friends. I want your most joyful smile, your warmest embrace, your strongest gaze. And I’d stake everything on the certainty that that’s what your loved ones want to see when they see your photograph. NO PHOTOSHOP AND THE PHOTOS TURNED OUT AMAZIIING! THANK YOU Josephine Sicad-Minerva
[…] that makes you want to shoot more weddings like Dax & Niña’s. same thing i felt shooting their engagement photos back in […]