it’s been a rainy cloudy kind of week in Sydney but yesterday we drove together in a lovely countryside despite some drizzling rain in between. and while immersing ourselves with the refreshing views, in a 40 acre land, we found ourselves pumped up with adrenaline and laughing our hearts out from what we just experienced. we decided to hop over a line connected to an electric powered fence that may have been restricted but we cross it easily anyway thinking we won’t go too far and we were allowed to explore the area after all. but we weren’t warned about what happened next — apparently, a horse, yes — a big one, out of nowhere went galloping towards us — we panic a bit trying to decide should we ran away or stay calm in the spot where we took photos near a pond , growing wild purple flowers. in the end, we chose to (brisk) walk away just to stay safer on the other side of the fence — and the horse?? —was staring at us when we looked back.

this surely adds up to life’s funny surprises and what an adventure it was to share it with Mark & Anne who are easily becoming my favourite persons and whose wedding I’m brimming with excitement to photograph soon this April!

just sharing some previews below..

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