I met Rod & Vretch not so long ago and we got along quite well easily. We headed out to the Blue Mountains on a really fine perfect sunny day. This was my 3rd time hiking to this wonderful look out and it always never ever fails to amaze me.

Rod and Vretch just got married back home in the Philippines last January and before they did, they wanted to showcase a part of their lives and the beauty of living here in Australia to their families back in their hometown.

This road trip turned out to be another unforgettable adventure too. Out in the middle of the Blue Mountains, all pitch dark but roofed under the stars, we were stuck for many hours when Rod’s car broke down unexpectedly as we were about to head home. We were left waiting all night long until the car got towed and we safely managed to get home in the very wee hours. We were all sure dead tired but in the brighter side of it all, we finished the sunset shoot luckily before the car broke and these images undoubtedly paid off the rest of the trouble.

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