I’m not sure if I shared about it before but I’ll be very honest to you — I always still get those flip-flopping episodes in my stomach before every shoot I have. It’s almost that same feeling having the worst case of stage fright when I graduated in grade school and had to give a speech infront of my fellow graduates — if you have to ask, about that speech? well, i just bawled my eyes out and didnt finish. Thankfuly I don’t end up the same during my shoots. Over the years, I’ve learned to manage how to deal with it and mostly just took that leap and shoot with my heart wildly beating.

Sometime just last month, I met up with Mark & Georgina to spend a quick but lovely glorious afternoon by the beach in Manly where they both luckily live. What a dream to wake up and go home just stone throws away from the ocean, right? Georgie is such a sweet lady, you can feel it on her genuine smiles in between our conversations. She had shared she’s grown up all her life in Australia while Mark was born from Europe but have since moved here in Sydney for his work, where he then found love with Georgie.  They get married TODAY!! YES today and I am all filled with butterflies inside me as I get to be part of it too.

Meanwhile, here are the rest of the images that gives me all the feels of how wonderful to capture realness in love shared by Mark & Georgie. And oh Manly, your beach views can always whisks anyone’s breath away. Always.

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