Where did all the time go? I intended to post this at the beginning of April but look what day it is now? May is almost over?? But as I look back at these images again, this just somehow means we have been filling our days with simple joys as much as we could…and it gives me enough contentment.

And earlier today, I sat on a picnic rug, under a tree with another wonderful homeschooling Mama, with her 2 girls playing along with Pixie, running around freely nearby and so engaged together. It was just a grateful feeling being able to witness that simple unstructured play and letting kids be.

While Pixie napped, I have a bit of time to put this together and finish …so just sharing some bits & pieces of how our March went along… (will put together April next hopefully not too late!)

Usual house chores on our mornings….Pixie doesn’t wash daily yet but hopefully it gets into her routine more….

“Mama, let’s just leave the bike home, bring our umbrella and walk then ride the bus so we can go to the library.” Yeah, she planned it all when i told her we cant go out coz it started drizzling. 😆 And it still surprises me how she’s looking so tall already being 4! quick photo from a library visit where we hauled some books and it felt like we may have read a hundred of childrens books there before we left.

when I saw Pixie sketch a 🥕 , i decided to bring out real ones from the fridge to invite her if she like to draw other veggies too–she was hesitant at first coz she only wanted drawing a carrot. Not needing to force her, I felt like trying to draw it myself anyway so thats mine on the top..😂 she may have been inspired after seeing me finished and decided to draw her own too afterwards.

“Mama, i made my potato smaller coz it didnt grow yet. And the zucchini color should be darker green.” 😂

Literacy journey using our DIY wooden letters…

Caught this quickly before they knew I’m taking a photo of them hehe Brian reminds me to brush Pixie’s hair more …but I admit i’m too lazy to brush Pixie’s hair daily haha Life’s too short to waste it on brushing hair , yes? 😛

Numbers & sea shells activity…

Garderning with Papa…

Harvesting Kale for soup…

“Mama, look I can draw the herb. And that’s the soil where the herb grows..and there are wormies under the herbs.”
😁#naturejournaling again after breakfast and after she watered her own lil greenhouse daily where we planted herb seeds.

“Mama, I love these books! my favorite is all of them! ☺— our happy library finds and tempted to buy our own copies to keep but since we are trying to live a #minimalism approach gradually too, borrowing some books sure is a helpful idea 🙂

I mostly just take candid photos of Pixie but one time, I told Pixie to have a quick photo with me (while I set up a timer) because we rarely have photo together during our read-aloud times and I want her to look back one day at this.

Pixie has always love making freehand drawings since younger — and so when i found out about @_artventure (a walk thru online kid’s art class), i decided to sign up for a trial to foster more Pixie’s interests–what a delight to see within just a week, what she’s enjoyed creating so far and confidently saying — “Mama, see, I told you I can draw that.” And what amazes me more is whenever Pixie does freehands afterwards and telling me “Mama, look i made it without watching the video!” 😱☺❤ Thankful to the lovely artist Kirsty behind @_artventure , we are definitely hooked! 😍

So, that one time and first time ever that we got lost in a bush walk, Pixie decided to write a story about it the next day… and I was so amused she drew this and only asked me how she can write the words… 🙂

Fostering creativity by making her own little toys …

morning duties: mow 1/8th of the backyard (yes, just 1/8th 😂) = ✔️; hang all the laundry = ✔️; biked to farmer’s market lunch playdate 🚲 = ✔️…and backyard siesta to enjoy the rest of the grateful sunny friday!

“Mama, i think a longer stick fits on this side..we need a shorter one here.. let’s move this one over there …so thats where I can go in and out…” —we skipped the afternoon nap coz she decided to build a wooden tent after finding some branches. i only assisted in tying as she still needs to practice more on that area.. but love how she was simply passionate about finding ways to make it all work..and I suggested she find treasures to put on the top if she wanted …so she picked wild flowers and ferns in our own yard…then she thought of writing her name on a used wood and asked help to put a tie so she can hang it.

oh the way her imagination works is always a delight, giving me so much fulfillment … i get to witness the way Pixie’s eyes beamed as she discovers that incredible feeling of achievement and confidence too leading to many more wonderful transformations that just happen naturally.

I can’t be sure if she’s going to be a musician someday but I’m darn pretty sure she’s a passionate one. 🙂

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