I’ve been asked (even by my Mom) many times if there was a chance, would I want to go back to a corporate job? my quick answer, despite graduating with a degree in computer engineering, has always been a ‘No.’ (unless the world crumbles down and i have no choice! *knock on wood!*) 🙂

Because my greatest dreams turned into this — just being a dedicated happy wife to Brian, a full time happy Mama to my future children and alongside that is my growing passion into photography. But if you’re curious if my income alone in my photography is enough considering i only shoot on weekends? Oh dear no. If I were single handedly raising Pixie, it won’t be enough (unless i accept more bookings that will likely equate to me being away from motherhood duties). So, the truth of the matter is, I consider myself the luckiest and won’t be able to do what I so love doing since I left my office job in 2011 without a sincere hardworking husband behind it all. And I can’t thank Brian enough for his love and everything he’s done to support our little family.

Life’s not all rosy of course and we’re not living (or not even needing) a luxurious life,too but I got everything that I need right infront of me now.

(p.s. i’m still listening endlessly to this enchanting cover of La vie En Rose by Daniela Andrade, go click if you haven’t heard it yet!)

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