I thought of putting up this GRATITUDE WALL for some, if not all, of the many many wonderful words sent to me across the Universe that has undoubtedly led me to finding and believing on what I’m passionate about. I’m too blessed to have my closest family and friends encouraged me all the time but some of these beautiful words came from those I haven’t even met personally yet. They’re like lyrics of a really happy song that makes me just sing it out loud all day long. Sometimes, I’d actually think ‘What did I ever do to deserve them?” For all of you who wrote the kindest words, emailed , dropped comments in my blog & Facebook wall, tweeted back and elsewhere — I AM ALWAYS BEYOND GRATEFUL.THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. If I had even made the tiniest tiniest difference to make you feel a speck of happiness, too and be inspired with my work somehow, know that you’re a great part of me now and because of YOU, my world has deliriously changed and though when sometimes, different adversities may come, I will strive to grow and find fulfillment in everything I do in this lifetime.

These words go long way back ever since I started my photography in Feb 2009. I’ve dug them all up (and still digging some and adding more along the way, if only this wall would be enough) and like treasures from a chest, you bet I’m keeping all of them forever.

If you’re name is here, I’ve deliberately included a link of your website (or a profile reference) and if I haven’t (or just didn’t know your link), just send me a message right away so I can update to link you up! 😛

Tony Eccles
“rukia-san (Josephine) is a photographer who knows how to use light to perfection in her photos. Everything from portraits to beaches is given a professional composition that leaves you shaking your head with wonder. More than a pretty face (though she can produce some gorgeous selfies) she has a talent that belies her years. You won’t be sorry if you spend an hour or two visiting this stream!”
  11 May 2009

Kat Williams, Rock n Roll Bride

I love these for the cute, playful joy – the experimentation of a new photographer finding her feet is totally alluring. Josephine even gives each image it’s only little intro –
I know there are great things ahead for the delightful Josephine and I can’t wait to see more of it! – 9 Aug 2009

Lauren Herbst
Your photography in no way only looks like 7 months of work. It looks like 7 years, because you capture every detail so beautifully and creatively in a way that is recognizable throughout all of your photos. I can really tell your photos a part from others even if they show a variety of things, which is amazing and something I’ve always wanted with my work. It is amazing, never stop!! 🙂 I wish there was some way for you to do my Wedding photos one day :)- 30 August 2009 at 12:29

Rain Amantiad
“do you know what sets you apart from the rest? cliche as it may seem, you shoot with your heart. 🙂
you tell us details rather than the big picture. which in effect, lets us appreciate the finer points from which all big, beautiful things are made of. now, in camera-speak, that’s a true Macro!”  – Dec 1, 2009

Fatema Abuidrees
Creative/ imagintive/ superb! – 04 April 2010 at 14:22

Rachael Michelle Brown
I just wanted to drop you a line to say hi and also to say WOW!!!!!!!!!! I have just founf your site through Emma Case’s Blog – and your style is just beautiful. Some of your photos made me a bit emotional….sorry – I am so soppy! I have just set up my own wee business and have been finding my style along the way – which has been changin alot overthe last few months – but I feel like I am finding it now.  24 May 2010

Emma Case-Smyth
Hey girl…. your photographs are truly beautiful! I absolutely adore your tones and composition and how you see the world…
I promise we will meet and I might have to hug you for like 40 minutes! xxxxxxxxx 03 June 2010

Bevlee Tañedo
You’ve come a long way!!! Only proves that imagination has no boundaries. You are a living proof that creativity is ignited with passion and really there is no school that teaches this. Keep on capturing beautiful things, moments and life {in vintage hues} 😉  – 08 August 2010 at 23:23

Lenlen Carlos
‎5 stars for creativity! 5 stars for professionalism! and even a lot more stars for being a friend! Thank you, Jhoe for the wonderful wonderful photos! ^___^ – 09 August 2010 at 10:14

Janis L.
Jhoe, words cannot express how talented you are.. your passion is seen in all your wonderful craft.. you have captured the most memorable time of our lives as well as connected and became a part of it.. those creation can never be replaced forever.. and you will always be part of our lives. Thank you.. 🙂 – 01 September 2010 at 00:34

Paulo L.
Thank you jhoe for those incredibly beautiful photos. Having you as a our photographer is one of the best decision we’ve made. You have both talent & passion in what you are doing. Its only a matter of time as you become one of the top players in the industry. And we’re glad we got you early on,:) Coz sometimes we think that you should be charging more for what you do with your craft.:D We are so lucky to have you capture one of the most memorable moments in our life. Thank you.:) – 02 September 2010 at 13:56

Noel Lorenzo
never a dull moment i encountered in viewing those wonderful pix of paulo & janis. great work of art. kudos! – 20 February at 14:48

Sheila Rivera
“Beautiful and Poignant pictures ms. Jhoe! good job! mighty proud of what you’ve accomplished 🙂 and you, my friend, shall take pictures if I EVER get married and I am not taking no for an answer hehee…” – 07 Aug 2010

Jessica Luzon-Sespeñe
Thanks for an inspiration to all aspiring photographers. we love your work so much!25 June 2010 at 15:32

Ghazal Lourdes
i’ve been looking at your photos, they’re all amazing. I like your theme and composition….keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing more excellent work. you’re an inspiration.. 02 June 2010 at 22:25

Janis Sanchez
Your pictures inspire me to do better. Thank you for sharing 🙂 11 May 2010 at 09:36

Mai Pages-Solomon
“super love your photography style.. unguarded documentary with a touch of vintage.. love love love.. and i want more more more.” – 4 June 2010

Chichi Abadingo
“.. am a big fan of yours. =) your photos and your writing. hope you don’t mind me snooping in (intruding is more like it) like this but i just can’t help it, you are one amazing and talented person.” 18 June 2010

Cindy Dacua-Ellazar
i like how your story unfolds with your moving and beautiful photos … you truly have that EYE!!! Keep up the good work, and more power!!!  – 23 March 2011

Xhall Perez
“i dont know what else can i say, im not as good as you were to comment in this page but ate youve inspired me to continue whatever i wanna start and persue. you’re really good. and if it makes so “o.a” to bow my head for u, still i will. count me in your thousand fans out there. again ate, hope a simple comment or a lil’ teachings from you, will help me a lot. :)) thanks :)) i still cant get over with your “of still life” :)) – 29 March 2011

Mer Gondraneos
“I’m grateful to have come across this page. Your works are amazing, you are an inspiration. You just know how to put passion into your work and you really capture LIFE at its best. Kudos!!! Can’t wait for more; keep the photos coming; and hope to meet you someday:)” 26 April 2011

Jessa Santos
im getting crazy seeing your pictures over and over again 🙂 as in , i admire ur talent nevertheless u inspire a lot of people aspiring to be like u.. hope i could meet u one day here in singapore:) – 27 April 2011

Ting 苏媛婷
but it IS true, they are right! you have such a special way of capturing people and love and life (: – 27 April 2011

Catherine Luz
thank you so much for ALL your posts.. they are amazing and inspiring. And best of all, your shots really make me (and i guess everyone) SMILE. Thanks so much for sharing your talent!! 🙂 – 7 May 2011

In-In Alviola
Josephine Sicad-Minerva makes magic from the ordinary, captures fleeting moments, what the average observer would never even notice. – 15 June 2011

Olaf de Fleur 
love your “lens-eye”  Great photos and a certain “touch” that you have.- 16 June 2011

Lyn Zanoria
that’s a good sign, jhoe that your living a beautiful and happy life 😀 Let us remember that the happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the most of everything 🙂 … Continue sharing your beautiful life and inspire people here and everywhere 😀 I am always inspired by your works and passion for poetry, photography ♥♥♥ – 21 June 2011

Fozzy Castro-Dayrit
“love giggles” – heart! it’s the best thing to capture in a photo. and you do it very very well! – 30 June 2011

“…the love that you share goes back to you in many ways, Jhoe.” July 4, 2011

Stella Marie Wong
The first time, I saw her page, I was amazed. (I mean, I said to myself, “This girl can shoot! ;)) And capture, she did. She had this magical eye for moments and I would stalk her page silently(in awe).  29 August 2011

Rain Amantiad
Clients seemed to have hit jackpot having their events chronicled by you. ♥♥♥ – 6 Sept 2011

Govinda Trazo
“….you’re making footprints all over the world! slowly but undoubtly surely hehe” – 21 Sept 2011

Koni Esteban
“We wanted to get your service but we already have booked another supplier. Since then I would visit your website and be kilig with your new works =) I think what made me so interested in you is your happy disposition and positive outlook in life =) You may not believe it, but I really got so inspired with how you started and how you chased your dreams that I think it infected me a bit to chase mine…” – 25 July 2012

Kirstie Tang-Lee
Josephine, just want to say thank you for your fabulous and dedicated work photographing our wedding day! We are incredibly happy with the photos. You have eyes for details and captured some very special moments that Nickand I will treasure forever. 

I personally want to thank you for taking your personal time to take us to Uluwatu for scenic photography – we really appreciate it 🙂  – July 16, 2013

Dr. Arlene Jane Sy-Reodica
I really think you are a wonderful photographer. You really have the eye to mix the color of the surrounding with the subject.
I’m being honest. You truly are amazing! – October 16, 2013

Dax & Nina Wedding , April 2015
If we had to do it all over again, we wouldn’t change a thing. We’d still choose you. When Dakky showed me your website, I said yes in a heartbeat and without a doubt “let’s get her!” I’m so glad Dakky found you and you said yes!! haha 
Thank you for travelling all the way to see us and for capturing the heartfelt emotions on our big day. Thank you for the amazing time and laughter we shared together.

Puhon! Someday, we’ll meet your little Pixie too when we come and visit you down under – not so soon, but believe me, it’s going to happen! We wish you and your family all the best! Love, Nins & Dakky

Cindy Dacua-Ellazar
“Thanks for sharing your ‘2015 year in review’ photos…Such a milestone, and being a resident in Aussie for 6months u guys look pretty adjusted. All the best for 2016 nimo Jo ug sa imong little cute family. P.S. I still super adore your style of photography —especially your framing/perspective skills…Your eye is so full of creativity and visionary clever…Keep it up!” — Jan 4, 2016

Trev & Queenie, Adelaide Wedding Sept 20, 2015
I would just like to thank Jo for a wonderful job she did on our wedding day.she strives to get that perfect shot which she achieved.My wife and i loved her sense of humour, yet still being professional at the same time.She didn`t make us feel awkward or shy in front of the camera and would highly recommend her to anyone who is after those perfect photos on there special day. –Queenie & Trevor Clayton, Jan 4 2016

Xian Ying & Nicholas – Blue Mountaints NSW July 31, 2016
Hi Josephine, just want to say a big thank you for our recent photoshoot at the Blue Mountains on 31 July 2016! We were very lucky to have found you because all the stars aligned – we loved the feel of the pictures you take, you’ve worked with Singapore couples before, you’re currently living in Sydney, and the location we chose for the shoot is a place you adore too. Throughout the day you guided us patiently and professionally so that we knew how to pose properly for the best shots. As expected, the pictures have turned out absolutely stunning. We were also pleasantly surprised by the beautiful package they came in. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful memory with us. We will be delighted to put in a testimonial for you, just let us know how. See you soon! 



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