Since I started doing photography in 2010, I knew then life without it is unimaginable. And moving to Sydney, Australia in 2015 has open newer, wider and endless perspectives for me. The things I love to capture have since evolved over the years too — every little detail always matters but I’m not talking about how elaborate the wedding itself could be or simply uncomplicated. Above all else, nothing beats just capturing that rawness of unguarded moments that pieces together all the memorable stories.

When Johanna messaged me back then about how they plan their wedding to be just as intimate as it could be with their closest family and friends, I was already wearing a big grin reading every word she typed. And after we met for the first time during their engagement portrait shoot that made us survive rain and hail storm (just a day before their wedding), I’d say the whole affair went pretty smooth-sailing.

Rain was somehow already expected to pour down on the wedding day itself from the ever-changing forecast but there was still prayers whispered earnestly, hopefully it really wont, knowing how erratic Adelaide’s weather has always been.  I stayed in the same apartment with Johanna and her Mama, together with her brother who flew from the same hometown as I am (Cebu, Philippines). So, it felt at home quite naturally just getting to know each other. And I may or may have not almost cried (holding it in) at some of the inspiring life stories Johanna’s Mama have shared at some point during my stay with them. I started missing my own Mama who’s strengths and passion as a Mother had similarities with Johanna’s Mama. And Johanna felt like another younger sister of mine, I feel so much inspired too of the path she took that led her to the life she dreamed of having now, working as a nurse in Adelaide..and eventually finding love, with Konrad.

Konrad, you see, even if we just met, is the kind of man you’ll fondly admire. He was holding it bravely together, stinging everyone’s eyes and melting hearts (including mine) as soon as Johanna started walking on the aisle, teary eyed herself. Yes, the skies cried on us too as it started raining at the beginning of the wedding but everyone was ready with umbrellas and so we just waited a bit for the rain to slow down. No storm could dampen their spirits and everyone knew this day was truly truly meant to be. As heavens would allow it, the darker clouds hovering over the beautiful mountain views at Mt Lofty Botanical Garden disappeared to pave way and the wedding unfolded into a much-loved story we all love to look back to.

I’m perpetually grateful for being part of Konrad and Johanna’s journey. How we all made a meaningful connection, all the laughter and tears we’ve exchanged, are wonderful pages in their story I will forever and dearly treasure.

Ceremony Venue: Mt. Lofty Botanic Garden, Adelaide SA | Marriage Celebrant: Patrick Frost |
Make up by:
Apple Faraon | H
air by: Amy Hambour | Bouquets and Boutonniere : Joanna Kensington-Phillips of Alchemy Floral Designs

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