I should be compiling a ‘lookback’ post for 2017 like I used to do — but my goodness me, January is already half-way and next thing I know, it’ll be 2019, huh? I’ve always worked on my deadlines on time and deliver images to clients timely of course — but the blogging — oh blogging—- is where I fail terribly.  *facepalm*

Oh but I can come up with a million excuses really — life can be a rollercoaster too, good days and bad days taking turns and homeschooling fills up most of my week days — so I’ll be more kind to myself and just take my time catching up with blogging again whenever life doesn’t get in the way. I have too many more images that need to see the light of day and would love to share them too in the blog here.

Finally sharing Cameron & Shayne’s intimate beach wedding at one of my favest beach in Balmoral last winter. No fuss kind of wedding and loads of hugging and lovin’. I adore these weddings a lot, really. How truly inspiring to be able to witness a love story shared by Cameron & Shayne, surrounded with all their lovely families and friends.

I hope these images inspire you ,too.

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