Hello 2017! I’m slowly easing back to our ordinary routine but we are doing some little drastic (positive) changes to our lifestyle this year, too. Will share about it next time on another post. 🙂

Looking back, it’s been another very fulfilling 2016 for me despite of how the last few days of it turned out unexpected. I got caught up with some personal emotional drama but glad that it’s over and I’ve bounced back stronger, one day at a time. Nothing life threatening to worry about. In this life, we fight our own battles and things just do happen — in the end, what matters now is finding a common ground and a new courage to face life’s realities again. I have found my resolve too in my own family life and we’ve sorted some things out for the better.

Alright, now that it’s all out of my chest and while I was unplugged, I managed to put together in this slideshow some of the images that shaped my year’s work. Thank you, again 2016 and for all of you who became part of it! This year, 2017, I am looking ahead for more ways possible so my creative process will evolve better and put out more of my heart in the images I will get to capture.

Life’s too too too short. I’ll be more mindful, grateful, appreciative and determined to make every little thing count! x



Thank you, 2016! from Josephine Sicad Photography on Vimeo.

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