January rolled by just like that — and geezzz, is it February already?

Before I get tied with client shoots this week and the coming busier weekends, I managed to join and finished another 10km marathon together with the rest of Sydney Morning Herald Sun Run participants last Feb 3. I was doubtful if I could push thru due to less training and rain was forecasted…and pouring rain it did at the start and obviously, we ran in wet shoes but the rain stopped in between! It didn’t matter to me if I was at a slow pace, it felt soooo damn gooooood completing another 10km! I might go for my half marathon (21km) next! thanks to the husband who woke up early at 5am with me to drop me off the start line while Pixie slept in the car! posted some photos in Instagram.

the rest of our day was spontaneously spent in this lil unspoilt charming beach — because really, the ocean always heals, best to soak in my aching muscles ahead! and what a soul-enriching sight to find a new fave spot that i might keep it a secret 🤪 — why didnt i knew of this before?!!!

sharing some glimpses of how our Saturday weekend rolled by from sunrise to sunset 🙂 definitely savouring more summer days before the colder air settles in autumn very soon.

win-win spot for husband to go fishing while me and Pixie go swimming near the shores 🙂
caught too many little ones so we set them free….
how lucky if we could also live with ocean views like this?

stopping to observe a teeny colorful bug…
Ooooh yes…. love at first sight! a little paradise charm i must say — away from the bigger crowd.
have I mentioned there’s a lovely cafe just by the beach, too? nice kid’s playground and picnic bbq spots too!!!! but best thing of all — free parking all day (if you get early of course!). it sure ticks all the boxes on those family friendly beach trips not a far drive from home.
Pixie: “Mama, will you leave me here so I can have some alone time?”

Me: *stunned* but amused!

all that energy drained so found a naptime spot under a tree…

finally a bigger good catch from Brian!!!

while waiting for sunset….

and there it was..

“Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best.” ~ B.T.

Looking forward to get back anyday we can. 🙂

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February 5, 2018
suya-a nako sa Teva oi! Nindota sa inyong lugar Tweeen.