I know I’ve not blogged for ages about our homeschooling days sadly due to some days being just not enough sometimes to do what’s needed to be done or other priorities may get in my way or simply, some days, the mood I’m in just doesn’t fit right at all.

But today, on a lovely sunny Wednesday, we went mulberry picking with our dear homeschool friends up in Penrith (along Tench Avenue in Jamisontown, about 35km drive away from where we live) and braved driving the big motorway/highway first time ever back home too – yey!) It was Pixie’s and my first time to actually taste these wonderful mulberries too — and we both loved it! Just like most berry fruits, they’re just small but really chock full of nutrients — and we harvested them for FREE! So much fun and natural learning with all the kids that I even climbed myself to pick more!!! Thanks to another amazing homeschooling Mama (Elise) for inviting us along with their adventures!

This made me wish to only buy a new home in the future that already has a mulberry tree in the backyard. (goodluck with that huh?) It may sound like ordinary to some but for us, this really feels extraordinary and a pure joy to experience with the kids. And I’m glad I brought along my camera to snap even few images to remember another such grateful day. Sharing some of the photos before they get buried in my computer forever… 🙂

If you wish to go mulberry picking too, I think there are still enough to harvest soon in the coming days/weeks when the rest of the fruit will ripen (the pink ones will turn to black, so the darker it is, the juicier and sweeter it gets). We might even come back soon too to explore more (now that I can drive further there!)  🙂

And there’s me… Thanks Elise for this shot! 🙂

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