I was in my looongggg relationship for 10 years before I decided to finally get married and when I met Mark & Anne, it was amazing to  know that they’ve been together quite long too for 12 years now and soon to be finally getting married tomorrow. I thought, “WOW, they beat me by 2 years! Haha”…but really, it’s never about the numbers or how long you both are together anyway. I believe in that strongly.

And just spending that afternoon with Mark & Anne, exploring and taking in all the lovely green views at a 40 acre farmland at Burnham Grove Estate in Camden (despite the drizzling rain in between) and a little misadventure that has something to do with a ‘horse’ to add with it (which i shared previously), it was easy to fall in love too how these two souls are brimming with much fondness and love for each other — the kind that’s contagious.

As I am writing this, I may still be recovering from a mild sore throat that ended up with me having this huskiest voice at the moment –but I’m feeling just better other than possibly doing ‘sign languages’ just in case my normal voice isnt fully back and very much looking forward to be part of Mark & Anne’s wedding yet to unfold tomorrow!

Finally sharing the rest of their images from a quick portrait shoot we did few weeks ago…

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